Brady on challenge of South Florida

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The Patriots have won their last two road games against the Dolphins, but South Florida traditionally hasn’t been kind to the team.

The Patriots are 14-33 overall on the road against the Dolphins, while quarterback Tom Brady has a 5-5 all-time record versus the Dolphins on the road. Thus, the challenge of a road game against the Dolphins (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET) was one of the themes of Brady’s Wednesday morning news conference at Gillette Stadium.

“It’s always a tough place to play, especially this time of year when we haven’t really played in a warm-weather game in a while,” Brady said.

The Patriots won’t do anything out of the ordinary Wednesday to account for the elements, as they will still practice outside (about 35 degrees today). One possibility was going inside the Dana Farber Fieldhouse and turning up the heat.

“I don’t think it’s going to be 35 down there Sunday,” Brady said. “You try to be a little bit mentally tough. I think that’s the only way you can do it.”

When asked, Brady briefly reflected on some games in South Florida early in his career. The 19-13 overtime win in 2003, when Brady hit Troy Brown with an 82-yard touchdown pass in overtime and Bill Belichick threw his headset into the air in excitement, brought a smile to his face.

“There was a long streak of games where we had not won, and then we beat them on the pass to Troy. That was a very memorable day. We’ve had quite a few memorable days down there,” Brady said. “Each game against this team has always been exciting. I watched the game from last year [38-24 win], at the beginning of last season, and that was a fun game. Some great memories of that game [but there] are some not-so-great memories too.”

The 2004 game, when the 12-1 Patriots lost 29-28 and Brady was intercepted on a pass attempt from his buttocks, falls into the latter category. Brady was asked about that pass attempt and smiled.

“I remember that,” Brady said. “Thanks for recalling that.”