Sharing Patriots podcast outline

The weekly ESPNBoston.com Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi is now posted (listen HERE) and the following is an outline of the discussion:


1. AFC top teams -- Who's No. 1?

2. NFC top teams -- a jumbled picture.

3. Colin Kaepernick, Ndamukong Suh & connections to Tedy's career.

4. Bill Belichick's 200th win -- what makes him a top coach?

5. Patriots DE Jermaine Cunningham's suspension.


1. What has made South Florida a tough trip for Patriots franchise?

2. Head coach Joe Philbin establishing a new culture in Miami.

3. Impressions of rookie QB Ryan Tannehill.

4. Beware of DE Cameron Wake.

5. One area of potential concern for the Patriots.


1. @abel660 -- Do you think the D is the real deal?

2. @sugarpuffed -- Is the Patriots' defense good enough to go all the way this time?

3. @ArjunaRamgopal -- What is the most concerning aspect of Pats D?

4. @sekouking -- Why don't they allow Brandon Spikes to rush more?

5. @StoneBobbyStone -- Any chance we could see Romeo Crennel next year assuming he gets let go from KC?

6. @plumcrazydodge -- Which upcoming team do you think will prove to be the biggest challenge for the Patriots?