Bruschi's Breakdown on Patriots-Dolphins

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Every week before the Patriots play a game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss dissect the action as part of "Bruschi's Breakdown." This week's breakdown is posted for a matchup against the Dolphins that Bruschi reminds us could be a “hat and T-shirt" game. With a win, the Patriots would clinch the AFC East.

Bruschi starts off by discussing the suspension of Jermaine Cunningham for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy:

“No one knows what it's for; it could be a number of things. In the end, you just have to make the right decisions as players. They provide you with the information. They provide you with the knowledge on how you will come into difficulties in terms of what you put into your body. How these guys don't know this, I just don't understand. They tell you, if there are any questions, bring it into the training staff and let them look at it and they'll help. It just shows a level of immaturity from players around the NFL, and how they aren't thinking long-term, with the ramifications of the decisions they're making. Now, sometimes it's a mistake. We've been told that if you take a certain Sudafed or something for a cold that you buy over the counter and think it's OK, you can still get suspended. I did hear Bill Belichick's comments the other day that ‘this didn't have to happen,’ but I put it on the players."

And here’s Tedy’s take on why he was impressed by Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill in Sunday’s win over the Seahawks:

"They're running a similar offense to what Tannehill did in college. Tannehill is completing 59 percent of his passes and his performance last week stood out as some of his best work of the season. The game was on the line late in the fourth quarter and he had to get his team in field goal range, and he put together a drive that has people in South Florida saying 'We may have something here.' That type of drive, to take them down and win the game, was really Tannehill's defining moment of his rookie year. The expectations are only going to rise from here, because they think they have the right head coach and quarterback in place."

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