Patriots turn up heat inside

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Who knew that ESPNBoston.com had such clout?

Bill Belichick arrived at the podium for his Friday morning news conference and said, "We decided to take Field's suggestion and go inside [for practice] today, and crank up the temperature."

That would be our own Field Yates, whose Patriots coverage you've been reading in this space all season.

Something tells us that Belichick was playing along after Field touched on that possibility Wednesday, and that it was part of the plan to go inside Friday all along. But what fun is that?

Sunday's game against the Dolphins is projected to be the Patriots' warmest of the season, and teams have sometimes jacked up the heat in an indoor facility as a way to prepare for the elements. The Chiefs, for example, did it prior to a late-season game at San Diego in recent years.

Does that really make a difference?

Even though Belichick made the change to an indoor practice on the artificial surface Friday, he doesn't seem completely sold.

"I think it helps when you have a good team and play well. That helps," he said, before adding that players have been outside on grass fields for two days and Friday is more of a concentration and mental-type of day.