Pats caught break on 49ers fumble

The Patriots caught a break in Sunday night's loss to the 49ers when Delanie Walker's first-quarter fumble wasn't overturned on replay.

This news comes to us this morning via the "Official Review" segment on NFL Network (watch HERE), as NFL director of officiating Dean Blandino explained what unfolded.

"This actually never went to review," Blandino said. "The replay official [Al Jury] confirmed it upstairs without bringing the referee over. That's a mistake."

Blandino detailed that the replay official watched the replay in slow motion, not in real time, and that led to the mistake.

"We want to watch these plays at full speed and we want to get the true sense of how long the receiver has it," Blandino said. "He doesn't complete the process of the catch and that's one we want to make incomplete."