Follow-up on Jacksonville tweet-up

A hearty thanks to those in attendance Saturday, and happy holidays to Pats fans everywhere! ESPNBoston.com

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The 2012 season introduced a new aspect to ESPNBoston.com's coverage of the Patriots -- an on-site tweet-up that gathers readers/fans to talk about the team.

On Saturday at Hurricane Grill & Wings, a group of 30 came together for two hours and it was, as always, an enjoyable experience. After everyone introduced themselves, and got to know a little more about one another, we talked about the team and, among other things, a career in sports media.

These tweet-ups are part of ESPNBoston.com's commitment to reaching out to our readers/viewers and making a more personal connection. Look for more in the future.

And if you see any Patriots fans with ESPNBoston.com banners at Sunday's game, you'll know where they came from.