Brady: 'Trying to build some confidence'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When the playoffs begin, records reset. No longer does it matter if a team finished 13-3 or 9-7.

But that doesn't decrease the amount of talk about momentum.

Does it matter? Is a team riding a six-game winning streak more readily equipped to win in the playoffs than losers of three straight?

It's a debate with no right answer, perhaps, and on Wednesday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was asked about how important winning Sunday’s regular season finale was to providing springboard momentum into the playoffs.

"It depends on the year. I think that you want to be playing well so that you have confidence going into the playoffs, there's no question about that," he said. "But like I said, whatever we do this weekend isn't going to have any bearing on what we do in the playoffs that following week. What's going to happen in the playoffs is how we prepare for that week and the opponent and our scheme and our execution."

The playoffs haven't arrived yet, and Brady said the Patriots have work to do to prep for the Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.

"We're trying to build some confidence this week in what we're doing and go out and have some good practices and see if we can go out and execute better than we have been," he said.

He also acknowledged that he is aware of the various playoff scenarios on the table for Week 17, but his focus is solely on the Dolphins.

It's been just three games since the teams last played, and Brady talked about the dynamic of facing a team he recently competed against.

"You kind of -- I've seen everything," he said. "It's pretty easy to get up to speed when it's only been two or three weeks. It's pretty fresh in our mind of how they played us and the things that they do well. Certainly they gave us everything we can handle, but they're a good team. There's nothing easy about this team. They've been on the short end of a few losses, but they challenge you in a lot of different ways."