Revisiting the Seymour trade

Bill Williamson, who covers the AFC West for ESPN.com, writes a blog post with the title: "Was Richard Seymour era a success?"

The piece comes as the Raiders have placed Seymour on season-ending injured reserve, likely ending his four-year tenure with the team. The 33-year-old Seymour is a free agent after the season.

"While Seymour did help the Raiders at points, it’s difficult to say the trade for Seymour was a success, simply because he didn’t help the Raiders become a winner. [Al] Davis shocked the NFL when he traded for Seymour totally out of the blue a week before the 2009 season started. The Raiders gave up their No.1 pick in the 2011 draft for Seymour," Williamson writes.

"The Raiders are 25-38 since making the trade, and they paid Seymour more than $40 million in salary and bonuses in his four seasons. He was a good player in first two seasons in Oakland, but started to slow down last season. This season was all but wiped out because of injuries. Seymour never changed the culture of the defense like the team had hoped."

Williamson notes that the Patriots seem to have made out well in the deal, selecting offensive tackle Nate Solder with the 2011 draft pick acquired for Seymour.

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