Foster using Shaughnessy as motivation?

Apparently, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster -- who after Saturday's win said "we owe them one" when asked about the Patriots -- is using the text of Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy's Sunday morning column as bulletin board material.

Foster changed the avatar on his Twitter account to this excerpt from Shaughnessy's column:

The 2012-13 New England Patriots just became the first team in NFL history to get back-to-back byes before advancing to the conference championship game.

Could this get any easier?

I mean, seriously? The planets are aligned and the tomato cans are in place. The fraudulent Houston Texans are the only team standing between the New England Patriots and a trip to the AFC Championship game. All the Patriots have to do is beat the terrible Texans. One week from today. At Gillette Stadium.

Shaughnessy later wrote that the Texans "have absolutely zero chance of beating New England here next week. And everybody knows that this is true."

The Patriots throttled the Texans 42-14 in their regular-season matchup on Dec. 10. It was the first of three losses in a four-game span that took the Texans out of the No. 1 seed in the AFC and cost them a first-round bye. And while the Texans beat the Bengals on Sunday to earn a divisional-round rematch in Foxborough, they looked less than impressive in doing so.