Spikes: 'Go hard or go home' in playoffs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In a rare meeting with the media, Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes opened up on a number of topics Tuesday afternoon, including an update on how he is feeling physically and his mindset going into the playoffs.

On his excitement for the playoffs:"Postseason, this is what it's all about. Go hard or go home, it's that simple. I'm definitely looking forward to this."

On whether he expects the Texans to play with a chip on their shoulder this Sunday after the Week 14 matchup: "I hope so. It is postseason. If not, we're going to be ready no matter what."

On how he is feeling right now (Spikes has been dealing with knee and ankle injuries of late): "I feel great, I've been feeling great. But like I said, it's postseason, it's been a long year, and nobody is healthy, nobody is 100 percent. I've just got to deal with it and try to get better every day."

On whether he uses last postseason as motivation this year: "Why you got to bring that up? (smile) I'm trying to forget about that. Of course. Everybody just feels like we came up short, but that's part of the game, that's part of football. We've just got to do whatever we can to not let that happen again. Like I said, we had a great day today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow and trying to get better every day. No matter what, we're just going to come out and play hard for the whole four quarters."

On the biggest difference between the regular season and postseason: "In my opinion, I feel like every game is important, but I approach the postseason as 'that's it.' If we don't come out and play well, we're going to be at home, plain and simple, watching the next game, and it's an awful feeling."

On Texans running back Arian Foster: "He's an all-around player. He's one of the emotional guys for them. He obviously gets the offense going and that team going. He's definitely a big target for us. ... For us linebackers and the whole front seven, we want to come out and try to contain him, definitely."

On the Week 14 matchup between the two teams: "That game, I'm happy the way that turned out, but that's in the past. Like I said, any given Sunday you've got to come out and play your best, but, we know they're going to have a chip, we know the intensity is going to be there, and we're expecting the unexpected. We're definitely going to be prepared, no matter what."

On expectations for rookies Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower: "I tell them all the time, they stopped being rookies around Week 8. I definitely feel like they'll be out there and be accountable for the defense and they're going to play hard and show up and make plays throughout the game."