Lloyd preps for his 1st playoff game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It took 10 seasons, but Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd will finally make his postseason debut this Sunday when the Patriots host the Texans in the divisional round of the playoffs.

The opportunity to have a strong shot at making the playoffs was a factor in Lloyd signing with the Patriots this past offseason.

"It was part of the decision," Lloyd said on Thursday. "Ever since [I was] a kid, the ultimate goal was to play in the Super Bowl and the only way to play in the Super Bowl is to make it to the playoffs. This is a step along the way to the ultimate goal for all of us, for all the teams that have entered the playoffs."

Asked what he has done at this time of the year during previous seasons when he has not been in the playoffs, Lloyd joked, "I'd be at Sundance Film Festival, on my way to the Bahamas, all kinds of different stuff."

But now that the playoffs are here, Lloyd is focused on helping his team start fast, which is a key to Sunday's game.

"It's very important," he relayed. "Coach Bill [Belichick] has talked about us getting off to a fast start a lot this year and how it sets the tempo for the game and gets us in a good rhythm and keeps the positive plays rolling. It's very important to start off the game in a positive fashion because the Texans are a team that can really take advantage of a game early."

Lloyd added that starting fast is something teams try to practice, but ultimately it comes down to execution on Sunday.

"That's something that every team I've been on, you try [to do]," he said. "I've been on teams where you have a round of practice before you warm up or you try to sub from the sideline or after warmups -- there's all kind of different things -- you try to create sudden change where you have a period -- special teams come out and then they put the offense back on the field. There's all different kind of ways for coaches to try to simulate, but what it come down to is just executing in the game."