Sharing Patriots podcast outline

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi has been posted (listen here) and it previews the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Ravens, while answering a high volume of Twitter questions from followers.

Here is an outline of the discussion:


1. Patriots vs. Ravens. What defines this rivalry?

2. They met Sept. 23 and Ravens won, 31-30. What do we take from that game?

3. Rob Gronkowski injury – what it means.

4. Thoughts on the Ray Lewis retirement tour.

5. Let’s not overlook special teams.

6. NFC title game – 49ers at Falcons.


@swirley0812 – What is the Patriots’ biggest key on both sides of the ball?

@plumcrazydodge – What do Ravens do best that poses biggest threat?

@blpatfan1 – They should handle Ray Rice, but what can the Patriots do to stop Ravens passing game?

@bmoss1019 – NE struggled with long ball/Torrey Smith in opener; will Devin McCourty’s move to safety be the key? Are Dennard/Talib up to the challenge?

@TroelsPetersen – If you were game-planning against the Patriots’ offense, what would you do?

@WAD1980 – Playing in six AFC title games, how were you able to maintain focus/excitement on that week even though the Super Bowl was only one game away?

@KatieANYC – The Patriots put little pressure on Matt Schaub last week. Will getting to Joe Flacco be a higher priority?

@teala – What similarities, if any, do you see between the Texans and Ravens defenses?

@grandjordanian – Who is the one defender on each team that the offenses will try to exploit?

@mdfenway – Do you see the Patriots being able to wear down the Ravens after they played a double-OT game?

@michaelhoglund – Most worrisome is the Ravens’ offensive line. No one is getting to Flacco. Thoughts?

@sulli1993 – After what unfolded in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick, curious how you think Patriots fare against QB that can run well?

@theRealKnapster – Does BB always try to get someone involved that the opponents aren’t ready for (e.g. Vereen)?

@ArjunaRamgopal – How do you plan against RB split wide? If in man, LB on him. But if not, Brady sheds zone.

@BAdams3324 – How does your mental preparation change in the playoffs?