Sterling Moore's perspective of rematch

In a piece posted on SI.com, Don Banks catches up with the hero of last year's AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Ravens -- defensive back Sterling Moore.

Now with the Cowboys, Moore made arguably the biggest play of the game -- reaching his hand in to break up a would-be touchdown pass to Lee Evans that would have put the Ravens ahead with 27 seconds remaining.

"Honestly, I really hate seeing that play replayed, because it always brings up how close I was to losing the game for us,'' Moore tells Banks. "Literally that's the thing that crosses my mind the most. When I saw the ball go by me, I really thought I had lost us the game and our chance to go to the Super Bowl. And that feeling comes back to me every time I see that ball in the air.

"... Honestly, sometimes it feels like that's the only thing I've ever done in the NFL. But I really didn't realize or understand the magnitude of that play at the moment. Really not until after [Billy Cundiff] missed the kick and I realized we were going to the Super Bowl.

"At the time, I didn't think it was going to be the defining play of the game, because my mind was getting ready to go to overtime. I 100 percent thought he was going to make that kick and we were going into overtime. The moment didn't hit me until after it happened and what it meant became clear.''

Moore, who says he'll be rooting for the Patriots on Sunday, revealed that he didn't know the defensive play-call. He also shared what Bill Belichick told him before he signed with the Cowboys this year.

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