How much has Ravens' offense changed?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- In something of an unusual move, the Ravens severed ties with offensive coordinator Cam Cameron late in the season, a move that came with a risk being as it was so close to the start of the playoffs.

The offensive results have been largely positive since then, as the Ravens have won three of four games that mattered (the Ravens pulled their starters early in a Week 17 matchup with the Bengals), although it does not appear that Jim Caldwell, the new coordinator, has instituted dramatic changes.

Both Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh were asked to describe the differences between the Caldwell and Cameron led offenses on Wednesday. Below are each of their responses.


"I’d say they run a little bit more regular personnel, a little bit more of the fullback in there and a little less of the two tight ends. But I’d say the key for them is balance, they do a good job of balancing the offense. The running backs are going to get their carries. They’re going to throw the ball to complement the running game and then of course they can throw it as part of their third down, two-minute, spread offense package. I think they really make you defend the entire field. They make you defend it from sideline to sideline, from the line of scrimmage to the end line, the inside running game, the outside running game, deep passing game, short passing game. They get the ball to the receivers, tight ends, the backs. You’ve got to defend everything. They do a good job, they’re well balanced and they’re explosive."


“Well, not being a philosopher, I probably don’t have the philosophical message, but schematically we are very similar. We haven’t changed a lot. It’s still the same system that we had in place. We call things the same way. Everybody puts their imprint on it, and Jim’s done a great job with that. Jim was here all year, so he was a part of the process. We built the offense throughout the course of the off season, training camp. All the coaches who are involved with that have been a part of that from the beginning. All of our coaches have had that input. We have grown a lot in the last month. There’s been some growth, and it has shown up in stats and things like that, and that’s a credit to all of our guys, not the least of which, obviously, is coach [Jim] Caldwell.”