Insider: Jaws looks at offensive keys

ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski anticipates the offensive game plans for both the Patriots and Ravens a piece now posted on ESPN.com (Insider). Here's a brief excerpt:

(New England) will keep its safeties deep to limit those deep passes (from Joe Flacco and the Ravens). Baltimore will need to stay patient with its running attack. If the Ravens have success with it, they can control the clock and keep Tom Brady and his high-volume offense off the field.

I say, "high-volume" because Brady and the Patriots strive for rapidity with their offense. They want to get the ball, snap the ball, deliver the ball, line up and do it all over again. And fast. With the sheer number of offensive options, New England can -- and has -- kept its opponents reeling once it gets into a rhythm.

Read the full Insider piece HERE.