Brady: Pats thinking all Ravens, all the time

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Earlier Friday, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was more effusive than usual in his praise for the team's week of practice, saying it has "been a good week" and the team has "practiced well."

Quarterback Tom Brady, in a rare Friday Q-and-A, was asked for his take on the three days of practice.

"It was perfect. There was not one bad play," Brady said, tongue-in-cheek. "No, there's always mistakes made. You correct them and you try to learn from them. I wish we were perfect, but (we are) not often."

The Patriots wrapped up their week with a frigid practice inside Gillette Stadium on Friday, but Brady stressed that there are still two more days of preparation remaining.

"Every minute. You just keep pushing through. You finish practice today, and you watch film on practice, and see what we need to do better. That goes right through the night," he said.

With the benefit of playing their eighth consecutive home playoff game (minus the Super Bowls, of course), the Patriots won't need to travel to another NFL city, and thus have more time to devote to tying up loose ends on this week's game plan over the next two days.

"Tomorrow morning we have meetings, and that goes right through the afternoon. And tomorrow night we have meetings. And then Sunday mornings we have meetings. And that goes right up until game time," he said. "It doesn't stop. You really can't turn it off at this point.

"I don't think you ever let up or stop thinking about the game. Certainly I don't."