Quick hits around the Web

A few Patriots-based quick hits from around the Web:

1. Bill Belichick/Ray Lewis connection. ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, in his weekly "10 Spot", leads off with how a trade Bill Belichick made with the Browns in 1995 put the Browns-turned-Ravens in position to draft Ray Lewis in the first round of the 1996 draft. Among other things, Schefter also points out Tom Brady's impressive work at Gillette Stadium and how a balanced offense has been key for the Patriots.

2. History not on Ravens' side in rematch. Don Banks of SI.com points out that in conference championship rematches, the team that lost the first meeting hasn't experienced good results the second time around.

3. Brady vs. the future at QB. Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated focuses on the quarterbacks remaining in the playoffs and points out that Tom Brady is the veteran of the group. The next generation of quarterbacks surrounds Brady, ready to make this Super Bowl their own," Rosenberg writes. "They are all looking for their place in football history. Brady already has his. But he wants more."

4. Running game a key for Patriots. Pat Kirwan of CBSSports.com points out that the Patriots' running game had one of its worst games of the season Sept. 23 against the Ravens, but the attack turned the corner shortly thereafter. That's one of the reasons the Patriots' offense could give the Ravens trouble on Sunday.

5. Respect for Ravens' Reed. In the New York Times, Peter May writes on how Bill Belichick can't stop raving about Ravens safety Ed Reed.

6. Kraft on life, loneliness and love. Bella English of the Boston Globe writes on owner Robert Kraft and how his life has changed since the passing of his wife Myra.

7. More wins for Patriots -- before and after Spygate. As noted by commenter "deadsmack", Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports writes on how the Patriots have racked up the wins before and after the videotaping penalties issued by the NFL.