Brady reflects on loss to Ravens

Passing along some leftover soundbites from Tom Brady's Monday morning interview with the "Dennis & Callahan Show" on Boston sports radio station WEEI.

* On the offense's execution against the Ravens: "At times we moved the ball pretty well. We had good field position there in the early part of the game. We just didn't make many critical plays, the ones that really could got us over the hump. It was poor execution on our part, it was just a rough night."

* What specifically went wrong?: "It's not like some games where you point to one or two plays. it was just all around, third down conversions, red area, turnovers always play a factor, all those things weren't really in our favor. When they're not, you can't point to 'well, it was just that one play. There's a lot of plays. That why we lose by 15. I said after the game, I don't remember the last time we lost by 15 points, it's been a while."

* On whether he feels he'll get more shots at playing in big games and Super Bowls: "I super hope so. That's why we're playing, to win the biggest games of the year. We've had disappointing losses. Every playoff loss is disappointing. '05 we lost to Denver, that was a heartbreaking, '06 in the AFC Championship, that was heartbreaking, the Super Bowl in '07 was heartbreaking, '09 we had a great team that year, 2010 was heartbreaking to the Jets, and last year was heartbreaking to the Giants, and this one's just as tough. There's only one team that wins it. There's only one team out of 32 that is happy at the end of the year. Two teams celebrated yesterday, one of them is going to be equally disappointed here in a couple weeks."

* On tight end Rob Gronkowski and his health going forward: "He had another great season, he fought through a bunch of things this year injury-wise. I hope that he comes back healthy and strong next year, and he works so hard, and he wants to be out there so bad. We all have the offseason to come back healthy and prepare for next season. That's the goal for every one of us."

* On why the offense didn't run as much up-tempo yesterday: "I'm not sure. We always go in with plans to play with a good tempo, and sometimes it's better than others. There were plenty of plays we ran fast, but we just couldn't execute them very well. Like I said, the tempo's important, it's mostly important when your execution is good, and that's throwing, running, catching, blocking, those are all the things that go into execution. That's a team thing, that's an 11-guys on offense thing."