Leftovers from Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Sharing a few leftover sound bites from Bill Belichick's wrap-up press conference with local media on Monday morning.

* On what he and his staff will do over the next few days: "Well, really planning for the offseason. Looking at what our staff is going to be doing, how we’re going to manage our time and our priorities relative to evaluating our players, evaluating our scheme, evaluating how we did things this year from a logistical standpoint -- practice, meetings, all those kinds of things -- and then moving forward into draft preparations, free agency preparations. Again, all of that is kind of in a planning state; not that we haven’t done it before, but specifically laying it out so everybody knows what they’re doing and when they’re doing it and how we can manage our time most effectively to get all those things done."

* Will the staff be represented at the Senior Bowl as part of that offseason planning?: "Yeah, that will be part of it, sure. That will be part of it. We’ll have certain people in our organization that will be down there. I don’t think we all could get down there if we wanted to. But yeah, sure, of course -- just like we were at the East-West Game with members of our organization last week and then the Senior Bowl. Yeah, that's all part of it, sure."

* Assessing the team's salary cap situation leading into the offseason: "Well, I think obviously right now, that's part of what we’re going to be doing: looking at all those things and trying to manage it the best way we can. How all that is going to work out, I don’t know. As you said, I think cap space is a very misleading term. I don’t really think it has too much meaning until you take into [account] the number of players that are not under contract with that cap space. You can have not much cap space and a lot of players under contract, or you can have a lot of cap space and not as many players under contract. I mean, who’s better? I don’t know. Each situation is different and cap space can be maneuvered, as we all know, in a number of different ways. I think the bottom line is that you collectively take a look at all your different resources and try to put together the best plan to formulate your team and develop your team throughout the entire course of the offseason. It doesn’t all happen in March. It doesn’t happen in April. It’s a continuing process that goes all the way, I would say, really into September, and each stage of it is important. Or in our case, it even went into October with the acquisition of Aqib [Talib]. But of course, we had to have our team pretty well formulated before that point; I'm not saying we waited until then, but it was still part of the process then. I’d say it’s really a six-month process that isn’t anywhere close to being finalized or certainly planned for completion at this point."

* On the opportunity for the young core of his defense to improve: "I think there’s opportunity for everybody to improve. I think there’s opportunity for all of us to improve. I hope that I can do it; I hope that as a staff we can do it. I hope that individually and collectively as players and a team we can do it. Sure, I think that’s the way it always is. We’re always trying to get better, each year, every week, every season. I think we’ll hopefully learn things from this season and use it as experience; work on things in the offseason that will individually and hopefully collectively take us to higher ground."