Armstead gets $655K guaranteed

In a reflection of how the Patriots view defensive lineman Armon Armstead as a part of their future, the team guaranteed him $655,000 as part of his contract.

This is unusual for a player signing a "futures" contract, which Armstead did Tuesday.

Armstead's pact is a three-year deal, with base salaries of $405,000 in 2013, $495,000 in 2014, $585,000 in 2015.

The entire $405,000 base salary in 2013 is guaranteed, while $250,000 of the base salary in 2014 is guaranteed.

This is a strong indication that the Patriots view Armstead as part of their roster in 2013, as well as an indication that the team had competition to sign him. Armstead was a highly touted prospect before a medical issue (heart) cost him his 2011 season at Southern Cal and ultimately led him to the Canadian Football League in 2012.

There is an unspecified injury waiver as part of the deal, which presumably would allow the Patriots to get out of the contract in the event a physical wasn't passed.