Bruschi checks in from Super Bowl

Analyst Tedy Bruschi is part of the ESPN coverage team in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII, and he was a guest on Tuesday's “SVP and Russillo Show” (listen here). The interview started with Bruschi explaining why he was wearing one of his Super Bowl rings.

“My New Orleans one,” Bruschi said. “Had to bring her back home.”

Bruschi told a behind-the-scenes story of how players can sometimes pay the price in the days leading up to Super Bowls by getting caught up in the experience.

“I remember one of my Super Bowls, there was an emergency captains meeting called by Coach Belichick,” Bruschi told hosts Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo. “We went into his meeting and I was with [Tom] Brady and a few of the other guys – [Larry] Izzo and the other captains – saying ‘What is this for?’ This is Tuesday and we walk in to the captains meeting and we look to the left and there’s one of our guys sitting in a chair with his head down. We’re like ‘Oh man, what happened?’ Coach Belichick proceeded to tell us that the player, who I’m not going to mention, was getting sent home because he broke the rules the night before. Players have to realize there are consequences.”

Bruschi also shared his experiences at media day at the Super Bowl, and joked how he had one rule: Never answer a question from a youth reporter asking how to spell a word.

Bruschi also touched on his thoughts on Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and the Sports Illustrated report that he might have used a banned substance to recover from injury; the Ravens’ defense being similar to the old Patriots’ defenses he played on; and how the Ravens’ defense might approach the 49ers’ offense.

As usual, solid stuff from Bruschi.