Another perspective on Armstead

Writing on the National Football Post website, Dan Pompei looks closer at the Patriots' signing of defensive lineman Armond Armstead from a scout's perspective.

Two NFL front office men who studied Armstead said they thought the 22-year old would have been no worse than a third round pick if he were in the 2013 draft. A third said he thought Armstead would have been a third- or fourth-round pick.

“He has effort plus length,” one personnel executive said. “He flashed a lot. His hand use was good. I’m not sure he’s Cameron Wake, but he can be a solid NFL player.”

Said a general manager who looked at Armstead on tape: “He has length, and natural pass rush. He flashes power. He has to learn to play with pads down. He’s still raw. But he has things you can’t coach. At this point he’s more athletic than refined.”

Pompei relayed that the general manager thought Armstead would compete for a starting job immediately and be no worse than a situational-type option. An NFL personnel man told Pompei, "It’s like getting a free player without spending a draft pick.”

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