Nice prediction Reiss ... sort of

Revisiting the initial Patriots podcast of the 2012 season (listen here), Mike Reiss and Tedy Bruschi made their Super Bowl picks, which are fun to revisit at this time.

Last year, Reiss called a Patriots-Giants matchup in the Super Bowl, but missed the winner of the game (he had the Patriots). This year, he had another hit.

“I’ll go with the Ravens in the AFC, just with the idea that maybe it is their time. They were so close last year. If Billy Cundiff makes that field goal last year, maybe it’s a different story,” Reiss said at the time. “I like them to generate some early momentum. I think the offense will be better – not as predictable, a little more wide open, maybe some no-huddle. And I think the defense will still be tough, even without [Terrell] Suggs there [early in the season].”

But before he gets too big of a head, we’ll remind Reiss of his NFC representative and ultimate Super Bowl pick.

“I’m going to go with the Packers in the NFC and them to win it all,” Reiss said at the time.

Better luck next year, Mike.