Reid, Stanzi, Mallett & player value

One storyline that has generated some buzz this offseason is the idea that the Patriots could potentially trade backup quarterback Ryan Mallett for a valuable chip in return.

The thinking goes something like this: Mallett was highly touted coming out of Arkansas but slipped to the third round of the 2011 draft because of non-football reasons -- and now with two seasons working under Bill Belichick/Tom Brady, maybe a team would see more value in him and be willing to part with something meaningful to acquire him.

If Mallett has a big preseason, momentum could potentially pick up for a scenario like this. But until then, the opinion from here has been that a team acquiring Mallett would probably want to see some more decisive NFL tape before doing so. A lot can change in two years and Mallett has hardly played in the NFL.

Along those lines, I thought these comments from first-year Chiefs coach Andy Reid this week -- made in regards to third-year quarterback Ricky Stanzi -- could also apply to Mallett.

Mallett was the 74th overall draft choice in 2011, while Stanzi was the 135rd (to the Chiefs).

"I watched a ton of his (video) from college," Reid said of Stanzi, per the Kansas City Star. "I watched all of it. I watched everything he has from (the NFL); there’s just not that much of it. That’s a hard (evaluation). You want to see them in games. With Stanzi you just don’t have as much information. There’s probably not enough on Ricky (to have an informed opinion), certainly not enough on what we’ll ask him to do."

Mallett and Stanzi are obviously different players, so this isn’t meant to compare them in that regard. But the idea is to highlight the mindset of an NFL executive when assessing the potential value of a player who hasn’t played much over the last two years.