Chip Kelly on 'iconic' Bill Belichick

INDIANAPOLIS – In a news conference Thursday at the NFL combine, first-year Eagles coach Chip Kelly spoke with reverence about the time he's spent with Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"He's one of the iconic coaches in this profession," said Kelly, the former UNH offensive coordinator and Oregon head coach. "Obviously he grew up through football. When you're around people like that, you do a lot more listening than talking."

Kelly added that the time he spent with Belichick was mostly when the Patriots opened up practice for college coaches. Kelly said he didn't consult with Belichick about coming to the NFL or what to expect in his first season as coach.

He also stressed that Belichick, who has adopted some of Kelly's high-tempo offense in New England, isn't the only coach with whom he's had such a connection.

"I think we're all byproducts of our experiences," he said. "I went to OTAs with Joe Philbin [in Miami] last year. I went with Chan Gailey down in Buffalo. I've been to see Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers. I've been to see Pete Carroll at Seattle. All those guys have been gracious to let me come."