Combine pics & Brady/Bledsoe fun

Imagine showing up to work in the Patriots' facility as a rookie and seeing this, blown up for all to see, on the wall.

Tom Brady could have simply accepted the prank. But instead, he decided to fight back. So a few days later, he had a different picture put up in the weight room.

Here's the decade-old story, told by former Patriots Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli during his work as an analyst for NFL Network at this week's NFL combine:

"I'll tell you a great story, at the Patriots Tommy's rookie year, as you know NFL players are great pranksters. This whole battle, pulling pranks on one another, started between Drew [Bledsoe] and Tommy," Pioli said on the television set.

"At some point, they started finding the 8x10 pictures from the combine and Drew got one of Brady and mocked it up and had it hung somewhere. What was beautiful is that I guess Drew must have thought there was no way they could get a hold of his because it was so old. Brady somehow got a hold of Drew's and poster-ized it, and going down to the weight room there was this enormous, awful picture."

Stories like this, which highlight Brady's competitiveness and unwillingness to lose on and off the field, have added some behind-the-curtain flavor to Pioli's television work.

Pioli also shared insight of what scouts look for in specific workouts, such as with running backs.

"Out here it's really tough because so much of what a running back does is reactionary," Pioli said. "To me, you want to see the 40 time, but the other drill that is important is when the coach holds the bag, they run towards the bag, and they make a break off the bag where it's [a reaction]. It's not a pre-thought drill."

To watch the segment, CLICK HERE.