Mike & Mike on Brady's deal

Reaction to quarterback Tom Brady's contract extension generated significant buzz across the sports landscape, with ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" program devoting time to dissecting it.

Audio of the segment can be heard here, and co-host Mike Greenberg touched on the idea that Brady's approach might not be popular with some others.

"Tom Brady is well within his rights to take less money, in any way he wants, if he feels his priority at this point is winning," Greenberg said. "But does he have an obligation [to other players around the league]? By lowering that number, by taking less money, on some level is he hurting everybody else because he's bringing down the water mark?"

Golic disagreed with the thought.

"Tom Brady is now coming to the end of his career, he's got three rings, he's going to be in the Hall of Fame, he's one of the great quarterbacks of all time; I think everybody gets what he's doing," he said. "He's saying 'I have a few years left, I can help this team out, keep some of the talent or bring more in, to get more rings.'"

To listen to the segment, CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly lauded Brady's decision.

"It's awesome. There is not many people in this time and age who would do that," Kelly said on the Hill & Schlereth program. "I think the whole thing of retiring a New England Patriot, being a Patriot throughout his whole career, is something he probably felt very comfortable doing. If you are that well-loved in that community, and have a great owner like they have in New England, I think it works out for everybody."

To listen to Kelly's interview, CLICK HERE.