Chadiha: Pats' dynasty in decline

Senior NFL writer Jeffri Chadiha argues in a column posted on ESPN.com that the Patriots' best years are behind them.

Here's an excerpt:

When the good times end in the very near future, New England Patriots fans will remember this week as a turning point. They will look at Tom Brady's decision to restructure his contract as the first indication that this team isn't as talented as it once was. They also will see that AFC Championship Game loss to Baltimore as additional evidence of an overrated franchise. Worst of all, they will see that their team's real dominance ended about five years ago. Everything since that point has been misleading.

The good news for Patriots Nation is that it probably has another season or two to savor the brilliance of Brady and the genius of coach Bill Belichick. After that, this whole operation will go south in a hurry. You could see the frustration in Brady's eyes as the Ravens whipped New England in the second half of that conference title game. This wasn't the team he was used to leading. It didn't even look as if it deserved to be within one game of another Super Bowl.

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