Patriots links around the Web

Some Patriots-based links from around the Web:

1. Welker deserves his big pay day. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports writes that it's time for the Patriots to pay receiver Wes Welker. "As much as the Patriots would like to believe that they can move on from Welker, the best course for them is to find a way to keep him, even if that's at premium dollars," Cole opines.

2. Patriots hold the leverage. CBSSports.com Senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco opines that Welker needs the Patriots more than the team needs him. "For the next three years, I think he can be the same guy -- or close to it. But it has to be with Brady. I just wonder what he would be like in another offense, where anticipation and creating favorable matchups aren't as pronounced," Prisco writes.

3. Jackson doesn't fit. James Walker, who covers the AFC East for ESPN.com, writes that while veteran running back Steven Jackson is a solid player, he's not a current fit on the Patriots' roster as a potential free-agent signing.

4. Littlefield on Brady's deal. Bill Littlefield of NPR's "Only a Game" shares his thoughts on Tom Brady's contract extension.

5. Lighthearted look at 'hating the Patriots.' Using Terrell Suggs' comments as a springboard, NFL.com goes tongue-in-cheek and breaks down reasons why the NFL's other 31 teams could hate the Patriots.