Banks' view of Patriots' outlook

As part of his ongoing offseason reviews/previews, SI.com's Don Banks shines the spotlight brighter on the Patriots in his most recent piece.

"At times it feels as if football season in New England has turned into Groundhog Day: The same things keep happening over and over, producing the same results," Banks writes. "The Patriots win the AFC East comfortably (four in a row and 10 titles in the past 12 years), earn one of the AFC's top two seeds (three years running and four out of six), and lose in the postseason (an 8-7 record in the playoffs since winning that third Super Bowl ring after the 2004 season). The first four years of New England's glory era produced three Lombardi trophies; the past eight, none. ...

"... Though they've not been able to match their playoff success of 2001-2004, the Patriots still have most of the pieces needed in their Super Bowl puzzle. Miami, Buffalo and the Jets don't want to hear it, but New England will again be the class of the AFC East, and on the short list of conference Super Bowl favorites."

Banks' piece is broken down into the following categories:

1. 2012 season recap

2. Stat to feel good about

3. If it ain't broke ...

4. Troubling stat

5. Must fix-it

6. More on the to-do list

7. What we'll be saying in July

To read the piece, CLICK HERE.