Another perspective on Welker

In a piece now posted on ESPN.com, NFL columnist Ashley Fox opines on the subject that has dominated headlines in recent days: Wes Welker's future with the Patriots.

The headline to the piece is "Wes Welker risks being left behind."

Wes Welker better be careful. If he gets greedy, if he waits too long to find out, once and for all, exactly what his value is on the free-agent market, he could lose the best thing that ever happened to his football career: Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots are the most ruthless organization in the National Football League. They wait for no one. They don't get leveraged or pushed into action. They don't operate on sentiment. As Bill Belichick so often says, the Patriots' philosophy is to do what is in the best interest of the team. Always has been.

Waiting for Welker to test the free-agent market isn't in the best interest of the team. New England has holes to fill. It needs to spend money on a cornerback, at least one other wide receiver (assuming it lets Brandon Lloyd go) and a safety. If the Patriots think they might have to replace Welker, too, that would affect their approach to free agency. Given their philosophy, they will move on very quickly.

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