Video: Edwards talks Welker, Amendola

In the NFL Cold Hard Facts video above, Herm Edwards says it was a good move for New England to let Wes Welker leave via free agency.

"This is the consistency of the New England Patriots," Edwards says. "They always feel like toward a player's career at the end, they're gonna offer him a certain amount of money. They decided not to give him the money he wanted, and he moves on.

"But he goes to Peyton Manning so it's not that bad of a deal for Wes Welker."

Herm goes on to describe what Welker brings to Denver and why he's a good fit for Manning and the Broncos offense.

Finally, Herm says Danny Amendola will thrive as one of Tom Brady's targets.

"If this guy can stay healthy, he will have an outstanding season this year for the New England Patriots."