What's the latest on Aqib Talib?

In putting together this story on the Patriots' Friday free-agent frenzy, it was mentioned that one line of business that still remains unresolved is the status of cornerback Aqib Talib.

This is what we've learned on the situation based on reporting to this point:

The Patriots have interest in Talib's return, and part of the reason Talib hasn't signed anywhere at this point has been the slow-shaping market for cornerbacks, which started to develop more clearly Thursday and turned out to be lower than many anticipated.

So from Talib's perspective, the question is whether he takes a multiyear deal at a total figure that he believes doesn't match his worth, or a shorter-term deal that gives him the opportunity to put together a solid 2013 season and then potentially hit the market again in 2014.

If Talib leans toward the shorter-term deal, the Patriots would have the edge on most of their competition because of their salary-cap flexibility and willingness to pay a top market price to retain him, as well as Talib's belief that returning to New England would put him in a high-profile situation to showcase his talent to potential suitors in 2014.

Based on these dynamics in play, if the Patriots ultimately do re-sign Talib, don't be surprised if it's on a one-year deal.