Kraft on tuck rule: Might have to abstain

PHOENIX -- NFL owners could eliminate the tuck rule at the ongoing NFL annual meeting, and Robert Kraft was asked how he might vote.

"To be honest, prior to the snow game, I never knew what the tuck rule was," Kraft responded of the play against the Raiders in the 2001 playoffs that saved the Patriots' Super Bowl hopes, en route to their upset victory over the Rams. "I love the tuck rule and forever will.

"I know [late Raiders owner] Al Davis, may he rest in peace, is probably smiling. But whatever the rule is, it is, I will forever ... I have a picture, a big photograph in my office that Jon Gruden gave me with the snow coming down, and Tommy in that position. He signed it, 'It was a fumble.' I'll probably give that to the [charitable] foundation to auction off at some point.

"But, you know, we followed the rules."

Asked what he might vote, Kraft responded, "I might have to abstain on that emotionally. That's a hard one. I have a great bond with the tuck rule."