Closer look at Talib, Svitek deals

PHOENIX -- A closer look at the one-year contracts signed by cornerback Aqib Talib and offensive lineman Will Svitek:

Aqib Talib

Overall terms: 1 year, $5 million (not including incentives)

Signing bonus: $3 million

Base salary: $1.575 million (fully guaranteed)

Roster bonuses: $375,000 (divided on a per game base)

Workout bonus: $50,000

Pro Bowl incentive: $500,000

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: Given that the market for cornerbacks is down this offseason, this is a deal that pays Talib at a similar level as the other top corners on the market but on a shorter term so he can hit the market again next year when the hope is that a much richer multiyear contract will present itself. That Talib will be playing for a 2014 contract, in theory, should be a good thing for the team. He'll be motivated to put himself in the best position possible at this time next year.

Will Svitek

Overall terms: $1 million (not including incentives)

Signing bonus: $125,000

Base salary: $715,000 ($375,000 guaranteed)

Roster bonus: $160,000 (per game)

Playing time incentive: $500,000

*There is a full split in the contract

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: This is a bit richer than I would have anticipated based on the combination of signing bonus and guaranteed money, especially considering that Svitek missed last season because of injury. But in the big picture, it's not a huge insurance policy in the event Sebastian Vollmer -- who in addition to serving as the starting right tackle is the top backup left tackle -- signs elsewhere.