Why Brady is viewed as free-agency winner

In a piece now posted on CBSSports.com, NFL senior writer Clark Judge opines on two of the biggest winners of free agency. Tom Brady is one of them.

Here is an excerpt of how Judge makes such a ruling:

The two biggest beneficiaries of the fallout in Pittsburgh and Baltimore aren't Houston and Miami, though each gained at the expense of the Steelers and Ravens. Nope, the two biggest beneficiaries are Cincinnati and Tom Brady.

The Bengals are a no-brainer. They play in the same division, spend every season playing catch-up with Pittsburgh and Baltimore and, now, might have gotten there without anyone taking a single snap.

But Brady? This one is just as simple. He doesn't have to worry about Ed Reed and Ray Lewis in Baltimore, and check the numbers, people. If there's one opponent that gives Tom Brady fits, it's Baltimore -- mostly because Reed and Lewis wouldn't leave him alone."

To read Judge's piece, CLICK HERE.