Wilson steps up pursuit of Arrington's 24

On Thursday, new Patriots safety Adrian Wilson joked that he was going to offer cornerback Kyle Arrington, who recently became a first-time father, a year's worth of diapers in exchange for the number 24.

Or so we thought it was a joke.

Wilson took to Twitter on Friday to formalize the offer to Arrington, seen below:


As profiled recently, the number carries significance to Arrington and the path of his NFL career (link HERE).

Wilson has donned No. 24 throughout his 12-year career, and now we'll find out if his offer is too good to refuse.

Arrington has joked on Twitter that his son has left him and his wife "worn out" from all the attention the newborn needs. If Wilson really wants to sweeten the deal, perhaps he could volunteer to babysit for a night so the Arringtons can catch up on some rest.