Recapping Patriots Hall finalists

As noted earlier today, this will mark the seventh straight year that the Patriots Hall of Fame committee will gather to ultimately select the three finalists for induction into the team's Hall of Fame. Of those three finalists, one will be inducted in 2013, as voted on by fans.

Since this process started in 2007, the following are the finalists from each year (underlined name was voted by fans as inductee):

2007: Ron Burton, Ben Coates, Stanley Morgan

2008: Ben Coates, Jon Morris, Jim Nance

2009: Houston Antwine, Jon Morris, Jim Nance

2010: Houston Antwine, Sam Cunningham, Jon Morris

2011: Houston Antwine, Drew Bledsoe, Bill Parcells

2012: Troy Brown, Fred Marion, Bill Parcells

In 2011, the Senior Selection Committee inducted center Jon Morris, in addition to Drew Bledsoe.