Another view of Pats in free agency

In a piece now posted on ESPN.com, Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. applies his free-agent grading system to every team in the NFL to analyze all moves to this point.

The grading system factors in the following:

1. General activity. A team is graded lower if it doesn't have any moves to analyze (e.g. Raiders). The highest grades go to teams that Williamson feels improved their rosters the most from the time free agency began, and how well the teams set themselves up for the draft.

2. Track record. Williamson acknowledges that he gives the benefit of the doubt to those with a solid track record.

3. Overspending a factor. Value is important in free agency, and Williamson docks some teams for overspending.

4. Can't overlook retention. Re-signings can be as important as signing players from other teams, and Williamson also factors that into the mix.

With this as a foundation, Williamson assigns the Patriots a "B" grade.

"The [Wes] Welker-for-[Danny] Amendola swap gets all the headlines, but New England did a very nice job reinforcing its secondary and bringing back [Sebastian] Vollmer, who I think is the best right tackle in the league. That was a fantastic move that didn't get the publicity it deserved, while [Will] Svitek now ranks as one of the better swing tackles in the league for depth," Williamson writes.

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