Patriots view of 2009 re-draft

If teams could "re-do" the 2009 NFL Draft, how different would it look?

That's a question that NFL.com analyst Elliot Harrison attempts to answer in an extensive piece. Harrison notes that the '09 draft was mostly forgettable, and Patriots followers know first-hand all about that.

Of the Patriots' 12 picks that year, only two are currently on the roster -- offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer and defensive lineman Myron Pryor. A third, receiver Julian Edelman, could still return. Also, the Patriots had rookie free agent Brian Hoyer as the No. 2 quarterback for three seasons (he's now with Arizona).

In Harrison's 2009 re-draft, he slots Vollmer as the eighth overall pick. In the actual draft, Vollmer was a late second-round selection (58th overall), and at the time of the pick, the Patriots were being questioned for selecting a relative unknown who had a back ailment as part of his history.

Meanwhile, Harrison doesn't make it all the way to the 34th overall pick in his re-draft, as that was where the Patriots made their first selection that year (they traded out of the first round twice).

So we'll add two more picks to the 2009 re-do, and give the Patriots center/guard Eric Wood (Louisville). In the actual draft, Wood went to the Bills at No. 28 and has been a solid player for them. He would have likely followed the path of Logan Mankins in the sense that he would have been a plug-and-play pick at that point in the draft. Tight end Brandon Pettigrew would have been another consideration in the re-draft, because we know how much Bill Belichick covets talent at the position.

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