Bill Belichick & top coaches

In a piece now posted on NFL.com, Adam Schein provides his ranking for top head coaches in the NFL. Bill Belichick tops his list -- not just in football, but all sports.

"Sure, he made a big gaffe managing the game at the end of the first half on Championship Sunday. But don't get it twisted: Bill Belichick is the single best coach in sports today," Schein writes.

"I'd stack his résumé up against anyone else in pro sports in the last 25 years -- Phil Jackson, Joe Torre, Scotty Bowman, whoever -- factoring in his brilliance in New England and how he ran the Giants' defense under Bill Parcells. Belichick is 151-57 over 13 regular seasons in New England, going 17-7 in the playoffs while winning three Super Bowls and making five. And please, save the 'What has he done since Spygate?' nonsense. Because the answer is double-digit wins every year."

To read Schein's piece, CLICK HERE.