Notes from Pats' draft release

A few notes from the Patriots' draft-related release to media members today:

1. If the Patriots keep their 29th pick in the first round, the estimate is that the selection will be made at 11 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 25.

2. The Patriots currently have five selections in the draft. If that's how many they ultimately make, it would be the fewest in franchise history. The previous low was six picks, in 2002.

3. Still no jersey numbers for new Patriots players (although we hear Danny Amendola, unofficially, could be donning at No. 80 at this time. That could always change).

4. The 2004 draft was the only time in Bill Belichick's tenure that the Patriots didn't make a single draft-day trade.

5. Total draft-day trades made by Bill Belichick in his Patriots tenure: 50. The breakdown: 15 trades down; 18 involving players and/or future considerations; 17 trades up.

6. The Patriots picked 29th in the draft once before -- in 1997, with cornerback Chris Canty. Not a good pick.

7. The Patriots picked 59th twice in the draft before -- in 1997 with defensive lineman Brandon Mitchell and in 1990 with quarterback Tommy Hodson. Neither made a big impact.

8. Nick Caserio will hold a pre-draft news conference on Tuesday, April 16 (noon). This is the one where he tells media members which players the team is picking (insert laugh here).