Video: Reiss, Walker discuss Gronk

Mike Reiss and AFC East blogger James Walker discuss the level of concern over Rob Gronkowski’s injury, and the Patriots' depth at tight end.

"I'm very concerned," says Walker. "This isn't just one surgery on a body part, this is a fourth surgery on the same broken left arm. ... So, we don't know if Rob Gronkowski's arm is ever going to be the same. This could be a recurring problem that we could see for the rest of his career."

Walker also suggested that Gronkowski appears to be injury prone.

"When you go back in previous years, he had that major ankle surgery one year ago and he also had back problems in college. So I'm really starting to think this is just who Rob Gronkowski is," Walker says.

Reiss pointed out that Gronkowski didn't miss a game or even a practice in his rookie season, but acknowledged that this recent injury history has been alarming.

"It makes me ask the questions, is this sort of a pattern or is it more bad luck?" says Reiss.