Williamson on Sanders offer sheet

Matt Williamson of ESPN's Scouts Inc. was a guest on 970 ESPN in Pittsburgh and discussed the Patriots' offer sheet to Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

"In the end, I feel like the Steelers lose either way and the Patriots win either way," Williamson told host Stan Savran.

Williamson touched on how Sanders played two-thirds of his snaps in the slot for the Steelers, but that's not necessarily where the Patriots would line him up on a majority of snaps. That's part of what makes the offer sheet intriguing.

As for the Steelers' potential to match the offer sheet, Williamson said it will speak volumes about how the team views itself.

"We know the Patriots think of themselves as a contender. Clearly, in my opinion, the Patriots and Broncos are ahead of everybody else in the AFC by a substantial margin, and Baltimore is probably third still. Pittsburgh, I don't think, is in that top echelon," Williamson said.

"But I think the AFC is very weak [so] I wouldn't blame [general manager] Kevin [Colbert] and Co. at all if they said 'we have as good a chance as anyone to go to the playoffs next year. We still have Ben. We can't allow two starting receivers to leave in the same year and put that much on Ben, and Antonio Brown and [Jerricho] Cotchery and [Plaxico] Burress and a draft pick or two.' ...

"I think if they let him go, they consider themselves a bit of a rebuilder. If they keep him, then they look at themselves as a bit of a contender. You can only [sit] on the fence for so long. It's a delicate balance. ... In a way, you don't win either way."

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