MacMullan, Merrill on Monday

As the city of Boston continues to mourn the events of Monday and attempts to begin the process of healing, one avenue that some may turn to as a vehicle for comfort is sports.

As colleague Jackie MacMullan writes, sports will help as the city works towards regaining its sense of normalcy, although the images of Monday won't soon be forgotten. Having grown up in the area, MacMullan provides a unique personal perspective, reflecting on the role sports will play, while also acknowledging that overcoming the effects of the day's events will take time.

Countless heroes emerged on Monday afternoon, among them the many first responders who put the safety of others above their own. Former Patriots Joe Andruzzi and Matt Chatham were in Boston for the event, and Liz Merrill writes on what they experienced and the nobility displayed. Andruzzi, the brother of three New York City firefighters, and Chatham were at the race to support the Joe Andruzzi Foundation which supports cancer patients and their families.