A feel for the 29th draft pick

The Patriots have the following draft picks in 2013:

1. 29th overall

2. 59th overall

3. 91st overall

7a. 226th overall

7b. 235th overall

Highlighting some of the recent players picked in the 29th spot:

2012: S Harrison Smith (Vikings)

2011: OT Gabe Carimi (Bears)

2010: CB Kyle Wilson (Jets)

2009: WR Hakeem Nicks (Giants)

2008: DL Kentwan Balmer (49ers)

2007: G Ben Grubbs (Ravens)

2006: C Nick Mangold (Jets)

2005: CB Marlin Jackson (Colts)

2004: WR Michael Jenkins (Falcons)

2003: LB Nick Barnett (Packers)

2002: OT Marc Colombo (Bears)

1997: CB Chris Canty (Patriots)

ANALYSIS: Assuming the Patriots keep the pick -- which is a big "if" given Bill Belichick's willingness to wheel and deal and the club having just five selections and likely wanting to increase that number by trading back -- the list above includes some solid quality. Harrison Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Ben Grubbs and Nick Mangold have been difference-makers for their clubs. Like every other pick, there are also some misses. Gabe Carimi has been a disappointment for Chicago, while Kentwan Balmer didn't pan out in San Francisco. It's also notable that Michael Jenkins, the 29th pick in 2004, is now with the Patriots after signing a one-year contract.