The scene at Radio City Music Hall

This table will be Patriots HQ at Radio City Music Hall. Each team has two reps at the draft to relay each pick. Bill Belichick and his coaching and scouting staffs are in Foxborough. Rich Arden / ESPN Images

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Fans are lined up outside of Radio City Music Hall near the heart of Times Square, in anticipation of the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, which is set to kick off at 8 p.m. ET and can be viewed on ESPN and WatchESPN.com.

As pictured above, Patriots "headquarters" are set up near the stage where commissioner Roger Goodell will announce each of the 32 selections tonight.

A few notes from the scene:

* Radio City Music Hall has a maximum capacity of just over 6,000, and the expectation is a full house will be on hand for the event tonight.

* Each team has a representative (or two) on site that will be responsible for communicating with decision-makers of their respective teams, and will accordingly forward the official selections to the league for announcement. For the Patriots, video coordinator Jimmy Dee and an assistant video guy Teddy Cioper are on site to relay the picks. Bill Belichick and the Patriots scouting and coaching staffs will be back at Gillette Stadium handling the selection process.

* For the first round only, each team is given 10 minutes to make their pick. In the cases of some, their decision is expedient and takes place soon after they "go on the clock," while others use their near full allotment of time.

* There's a unique aspect to this draft in that footage for the upcoming film "Draft Day," produced by Ivan Reitman, will be captured during the draft. The film is centered around a draft and the Cleveland Browns, with Kevin Costner set to star in the movie.

* While this draft lacks the elite prospects that 2012 offered, particularly at the quarterback position, the anticipation for the start of the event is typically high. Among the questions of most interest on the scene: which offensive tackle will the Chiefs take at No. 1? When will the first trade take place? How many quarterbacks will be taken in the first round? Will a team at the back end of the first round with a surplus of picks move up toward the middle of the round? Might there be a run on quarterbacks at the back end of the first round that involves team trading back into the first round?