Pats' RFA class sneaks into Top 10

In a piece now posted on NFL.com, draft guru Gil Brandt ranks the league's top 10 rookie free-agent classes, and the Patriots just make the cut at No. 10.

Brandt lists the key signings as South Florida defensive tackle Cory Grissom, Nevada tight end Zach Sudfeld and Penn State center Matt Stankiewitch.

"Grissom was a top-notch high school wrestler, and wrestlers often make for good defensive linemen. The three-year starting nose tackle can be a good player against the run," Brandt writes. "Sudfeld moved well for a big guy; he's the type of guy they do such a good job with at New England. The same goes for Stankiewitch, a smart overachiever who looks like a good developmental project."

Brandt also previously listed Missouri receiver T.J. Moe as his seventh-best rookie free agent at the position.

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