Bruschi on Seau: 'I miss my friend'

Remembering Junior Seau (3:51)

Tedy Bruschi discusses his former teammate Junior Seau on the anniversary of his death. (3:51)

One the one-year anniversary of Junior Seau’s death, former teammate Tedy Bruschi joined SportsCenter to share a couple of stories about him (video above).

“I miss my friend,” Bruschi said. “I miss Junior. ...

“Becoming a teammate of his I was so excited and learned so much from him. Probably one of my favorite teammates of all time. I smile when I think about knowing Junior and playing with Junior, because that’s all he ever wanted to do is go out there and do what they loved. You should have a love for the game and love for what you’re doing.

“So many stories. Even today, I get emails and texts from all my friends because we know what today is.”