Mankins 82nd in NFLN player poll

For the third straight year, NFL Network has polled players from across the league to vote on the top 100 players for the upcoming season. The network is unveiling the list in 10-player installments, and Logan Mankins was the first Patriot to appear on the countdown, checking in at number 82.

It's the third straight year that Mankins has appeared on the list, as he debuted at number 39 on the inaugural list back in 2011, slid to 64 in 2012, and slid once again down to number 82 this season.

Mankins, 31, is among the top guards in the NFL, having been named to an All-Pro team in each of the past three seasons and five Pro Bowls during his career. He missed six games during the 2012 season due to multiple injuries, but added extreme toughness and grit to the line when he did play.

With the retirement of Matt Light prior to last season, Mankins became the elder statesman on the line and a leader by example for the Patriots offense.

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